ClearControl utilizes CAD/CAM software to correct minor malalignment using a series of prefabricated clear aligners.


It’s Simple to Smile with Clear Control

ClearControl puts you in the driver’s seat and gives you control over how and how quickly the treatment plan will be completed. If you’d like our technicians to decide the best course of treatment, our Autopilot feature will determine the most efficient length of treatment necessary, allowing you to focus on patient care.

Digital Intraoral or Plaster.

That’s right. ClearControl can work with plaster models, alginate impressions, or digital intraoral scans. Control starts with the way you work.

Control, Clearly.

Each individual ClearControl Aligner is designed and recommended to correct malalignment at a maximum of 0.25mm per aligner.  If the treatment plan needs to be altered to more/less than the standard 0.25 mm per aligner, ClearControl gives you the control to determine how many aligners of treatment are necessary.  

  • ClearControl Evaluation Sheet
  • Patient Instructions
  • Easy breakaway packaging
  • Aligner Case
  • BPA Free, Clear Aligners
  • Fit Guarantee

Designed to Smile.

  • Treatment Plan Clost
    $100 per arch
    • Detailed Treatment Plan
    • Movement Animation
    • Evaluation with IPR
    • Measurements & Analytics
  • Aligner Cost
    $25 per aligner
    • Clear, BPA free, clear aligner
    • Guaranteed fit
    • Individually packaged
    • Case & Patient Instructions

Predictable and Scalable operations allow your practice to grow. It also creates more efficient and relevant patient care. Treatment plans are $100 per arch. Each aligner costs just $25. Depending on the phases needed for the treatment plan, you can dial in the price that’s right for you.

Digital or Physical

Treatment Plan

2 Week Turnaround

Per Aligner Pricing

Start a Clear Control Case

Use the digital prescription form below to create a new ClearControl case. We also have a PDF Fillable version available. To mail a physical model or impression, let us know if you require boxes and mailing labels and we’ll send them out. If you have any questions or need to speak with a Digital Orthodontic Advisor, please give us a call at (336) 887-5794.

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