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Software Installation


To install our service, you will be required to have administrative access on your machine. Please contact your system administrator for further assistance if this is a problem.
1. Make sure you can download and run the OrthoViewer Software on your computer.

Once downloaded, Unzip and install.
Depending on your operating system, your machine may prompt you to update some settings and software.
A common required update is the .Net framework. Please note, only install this software if prompted to.

Once OrthoViewer is installed, go ahead and launch it and familiarize yourself with it’s functions.


2. The next step is installing the sync software. This creates a bridge between your local machine and our servers. It will allow us to download your viewer files directly on your machine as soon as they’re created.

Download and install the application FTPBox.
When prompted, enter the username and password given to you by your OrthoTech Advisor.

Your Done! To look at your files navigate to your FTPBox.

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