StraightMoves® provides a revolutionary way to correct minor malalignment using a series of clear aligners.

Start to Smile

From start to finish, StraightMoves® makes it easy to focus on patient care. StraightMoves® treatment plans are fully customizable by the clinic.  This allows for the duration, extent, and cost of treatment to be adapted to the patient’s needs.  

  • Submit a Case

    Upload your case through our website portal, your preferred 3rd party platform, or mail us stone or alginate impressions.

  • Review Treatment Plan

    Our technicians will create a treatment plan based on clinician specifications and share it with you to review, alter if needed, and approve.

  • Aligner Fitting

    StraightMoves® aligners are individually hand crafted and quality inspected making treatment efficient and results more predictable.

The Design Behind the Moves StraightMoves® aligners are designed to move 0.25mm per phase.  This maximum movement per aligner threshold can be adjusted to the clinician’s discretion upon submission or during the review and approval process.
SM Measurements Image
Review and Approval Process Treatment plans are electronically shared and include 3D initial and final records, an analysis report, movement animation videos, and an evaluation and approval form.  On a case by case basis, we ask that clinics e-sign the StraightMoves® Evaluation and Approval Form to initiate the manufacturing process.